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NearbyGoods is a USA based start-up. Our mission is to reduce food waste and our vision is to create a world where ‘food produced’ means ‘food consumed.’ NearbyGoods currently connects Loudoun and Fairfax County restaurants who have excess high-quality food with neighbors who are looking for a deal. We plan to serve other states nationwide. Did you know that every year, 130 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States.? Every single day, thousands of Restaurants in the United States spend heavily preparing delicious meals, but 40% of these prepared meals are thrown away as wastes which pollutes our environment. NearbyGoods app connects deal-hungry clients with tech-savvy retailers in real-time. NearbyGoods is a portal and app that makes it easy to sell and purchase food through a simple click of a button. Consumers interested in saving money and reducing waste can access all nearby food items on sale. Restaurants get a platform to sell excess high-quality food. We all reduce waste and save money.

With NearbyGoods, surplus food is sold and savoured, rather than counted as a loss and thrown away! NearbyGoods is by neighbors and for neighbors. Download the app now to keep growing this food waste revolution.

NearbyGoods is your free neighborhood community portal with information posted by your neighbors, local residents, businesses, non-profit and charity organizations and other institutions. This intuitive community portal is catered to your local community needs with local listings, classifieds, yard sales, services, a calendar of local events, celebrations and much more.

Our state of the art portal is unique in a way that each posting for sale can be set to go through the flow from Resale to Consignment to Charity to Recycle. Everything gets automated by a click or tap of a button and consider it done.

We maintain the complete database of Consignment stores, Thrift stores, Charity and Non-profit organizations, Home Owner Associations (HOA) and other institutions from all over the United States that will help our consumers to communicate with them seamlessly and effortlessly.

Our one of a kind alert system notifies and reminds the consumers about the products, services and events that they are looking for from their local community, as soon as those get posted online. All you have to do is set an appropriate alert and forget it. We’ll follow it up for you and deliver them in your pocket. You’ll never miss another Yoga Class or Halloween Parade or Yard Sale or Poker Night that gets organized by your local residents. You'll stay connected with your neighbors and local residents like never before.

Get access to top-notch services and exciting events whenever and wherever you need. You can't find a better tool to boost and promote your small businesses without spending a dime. We guarantee you that you will never miss out the local events, activities, services, listings, ADs and much more when you use our intuitive mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

What are you waiting for? Please join us now!

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